A range of services & software products to manage
training & competence in the global oil & gas Industry.

Why SkillsVX is different?

Ease of Use

The system´s interface is intuitive, ensuring users require minimal training.

Industry Expertise

15 years of experience ensures unrivalled understanding of your requirements.

Real-time Analysis

You can analyse your critical competence & compliance information in real-time.

Latest Technologies

Interfaces with all ERP solutions and has flexibility to meet your exact requirements.

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Future developments

We have ambitious plans for SkillsVX, harnessing our unique industry experience to develop innovative software solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Benefits of SkillsVX

Implementing SkillsVX improves your understanding of the competence of your workforce bringing many benefits, including:

HSE Performance

Despite increased focus people remain the most significant contributor to the vast majority of incidents, which can be attributed to human factors or a lack of competence.

Whilst SkillsVX alone cannot ensure that these events will be avoided it helps by identifying areas of non-compliance and allows appropriate mitigations to be put in place.